We know it is difficult to keep up with all the different model series for Lasers and CNC Engravers/Routers. For this reason, we have dedicated this page to helping you figure out which models are compatible with the different series/manufacturer equipment.

Universal Laser Systems (ULS)

M-V-X (MVX) Laser Series (Manufactured 1997-2002)

M15M35V CLASSX CLASS 100X2-600 SSX35X600
M20M40V400X CLASS YAGX2-660X40X650 YAG
M25M300V460X25X2-660 SSX45X660

Versa Laser Series (VLS)

VLS 2.30 DesktopVLS 3.50 DesktopVLS 3.60 PlatformVLS 4.60 PlatformVLS 6.60 Platform

Professional Laser Series (PLS)

PLS 6.75 PlatformPLS 6.150D PlatformPLS Multi-Wave (MW) Platform

Industrial Laser Series (ILS)

ILS 9.75 PlatformILS 12.75 Platform