In the Tampa Bay area, it is now quite common for retail stores to own a small computerized engraving machine. These machines are used to personalize products that they sell. Smaller computerized engraving machines offer ease of use and the capability of engraving a wide range of items, as discussed below.
Glass items
Computerized engraving machines are often used in stores throughout Tampa Bay on glass products like champagne glasses or mugs. The engravings allow these products to be personalized so they can be used as souvenirs, commemorative business gifts, gifts for weddings, anniversary, etc.
Jewelry engraving
Jewelry stores also use engraving machines on gifts and smaller items. Computerized engraving machines are often used on necklaces, watches, pendants and bracelets to engrave the name of the individual or a personal message. The inside-ring-engraver machine is used only for engraving on the inside of rings. In Tampa Bay, personalized jewelry is quite popular and computerized engraving is used extensively today.
Metal items
Stores selling plaques, platters, metal plates and other metal based gift items in Tampa Bay also own smaller computerized engraving machines. These items are often used by businesses as gifts or awards for their outstanding employees. A computerized numeric control (CNC) machine is used for engraving on such plaques. CNC machines are used in most industries in Tampa Bay today instead of hand engraving machines.
Wood engraving
The wooden engraving industry in Tampa Bay is quite different in comparison to metal and glass engraving. Wood engraving is done more for aesthetic and design purpose instead of commemoration. Those working on such projects enjoy the design process since it is an artistic expression of their creativity. However, wood engraving is also used for customizing a wooden artwork or for personalizing a wooden gift item.