When most companies need three-phase power in their shops, they have an electrician come into the shop and hook it up to a drop down from the electric utility’s nearest transformer. To get three-phase power in this traditional manner, companies ordinarily have to get their local power utility to provide them with the drop down, the services of an electrician and upgraded equipment such as new breakers and a new panel. In fact, if a power company does not have a three-phase transformer near a shop’s location, there will be the additional cost of having a new three-phase transformer installed. The bottom line is that going the traditional three-phase power route is very expensive.     
However, there is good news. While the above option is the industry norm, it is not the only way to do things. You can and should cut down on the expense and time involved in hiring an electrician and working with the power company to have the special equipment installed by instead simply using a three-phase 110v generator that you plug your three-phase machinery into. That’s right, you can run three-phase power out of a single-phase phase-converting 110v generator.
Easiest, Cheapest Method   
The cheapest and easiest way to get  three phases out of your 110v phase-converting generator is to give it a basic install by connecting the incoming 110v power to it, grounding it, and then properly connecting your machinery to it to include any lines that operate the machinery’s magnetics. While this is the cheapest and easiest way to get three-phase power into your shop, you must know that it will run at around two-third’s full power. Fortunately, this is more than enough power to run equipment and machinery such as coolant pumps, two-speed motors, and power feeds.     
Most Powerful Method
By installing an idler motor system for your phase-converting 110v generator, you can have a three-phase system that runs at nearly full power. Now, while the instructions for doing this are beyond the scope of this blog, this installation does normally not require the services of an electrician.  

Cost Savings
The cost savings of pulling three-phase power into your shop all own your own are substantial, since all you will need to pay for is the phase-converting 110v generator. These machines are in fact so simple and reliable that they typically last for 30 plus years.